12 Footwears for Men that they should own in 2023

Outfit selection for men has never been a bigger struggle than selecting a perfect pair of shoes, that’s where their real struggle begins. Finding perfect footwears for Men is a tough task for them because a footwear is something that is noticed right after your outfit and a it is capable enough to make or break your look hence men are very choosy while choosing a footwear for them. Also there are so many options and varieties of footwears for Men out there that it becomes difficult to make a right selection.

Whether it is a formal event, get together, hiking, or a date night we have got all your requirements covered in this blog. This list of footwear below has shoes and sandals that are must have for men.

12 Footwears for Men that they should own in 2023

  • Adilette Sliders

    There has to be at least one kind of footwear that you guys can wear and roam all-round the year as they feel relaxed while you walk around so Adilette Sliders are just perfect for the purpose.

  • Birkenstock –  classy footwears for Men

    If you are not a shoes person but aren’t finding an appropriate sandal or slipper that is comfortable too Birkenstock is here to help you out. The footwear that was considered as ugly but later became a fashion trend and classy footwear is a basic slipper like sandal that looks super classy is comfortable and has interesting color varieties that you will surely love to try.

  • Tasman Slippers by UGG

    UGG has so much to offer for both women and men in the range of footwears. UGG keeps feet comfort and good looks both in mind and designs its footwear accordingly. Tasman Slippers by UGG are shoes like slippers that are comfortable and go great with your casuals.

  • Oxford Shoes

    Talking about shoes to wear on a formal attire Oxford shoes are something that are really great for your formal attire. These shoes can burn a hole in your pocket as they are expensive enough but look classy and perfectly formal. They are a bit tight fitted but are really comfortable that you can wear it whole day.

  • 1460 Boots

    Dr. Marten’s 1460 boots are a real stylish need in winters for men. Eight whole shoes with Dr. Marten’s air cushion will keep your feet warm enough in winters and will definitely make your winter outfit.

  • Sneakers

    I know that most of you guys might be having at least one pair of sneakers. They are just all-rounder footwear that is best for the comfort of your feet on hectic work days.

  • Training Shoes

    While sneakers are all-rounder they also have different varieties for different uses one of them is Training shoes. Training shoes are perfect for every kind of heavy work out so gym workout lovers must must try have them.

  • Chelsea Boots

    Chelsea boots because of its versatility and timeless look are in trend even today. These boots are attractive and literally blend with every kind of outfit look and that’s what makes them versatile. Also they were a huge trend around 1950’s and 60’s and even today give the same classy finishing and that’s the reason why they are a timeless footwear.

  • Hiking Boots

    Hiking is rugged sports so hiking shoes are a must in every man’s footwear list. Also today with the shoe designers are also focusing on the look of the hiking shoes keeping the importance of the looks in mind so these hiking shoes look rugged yet stylish with your cargo pants or blue jeans or any kind of bottom wear.

  • Loafers

    Loafers are getting popular and more popular with time because of their improve looks and style over the years. They are comfortable to wear and best part is that they do not require high end maintenance. They are low maintenance shoes and are suitable on every formal outfit and also on semi casuals and casuals.

  • Mules

    Super comfortable and easy to wear mules are highly preferred currently in summers and also in fall. They are easy to put on and off giving you the cool sensation to your feet so best for summer and mules designed for winters don’t fail to keep your feet warm cozy and comfortable in winters.

  • Espadrilles

    Your feet are stuck in those uncomfortable and irritating formal shoes for the entire week because of which your feet also requires and break from uncomfortable shoes to breath so espadrilles are definitely that break. Extremely cool and comfortable they are not just limited to casual looks but are available I so many different styles that you have an espadrille for your every outfit look.

So this was a list of foot wear that every man needs to own atleast one pair of each. Let us know what you have to say about the footwears mentioned above for men and do share this with your male friends. Thanks for reading.