10 Meaningful and Unique Tattoos for Men

If your body is a journal, then tattoos are its Stories. A beautiful story can turn every page of your journal into a beautiful piece of art. You must choose a tattoo design that is meaningful & visually alluring. Getting yourself a tattoo inked is a lifelong commitment so you shouldn’t randomly approach this.

It’s not that all men might do this. Some are very clear with what they want to get inked on their body while some may be skeptical & confused about what design or pattern to choose. Once you get inked, there is no going back unless you prefer going for a laser removal procedure for tattoos that might leave scars. So before you place yourself under a needle to get inked check out these 10 Meaningful and Unique Tattoos for Men
[*Note* – below are only suggestions for anyone who is interested in tattoos. We do not promote anything such. ]

10 Meaningful and Unique Tattoos for Men

  • Barbed Wire Tattoos for Men

    Barbed wire tattoos have a deep meaning which is connected to ancient times. Barbed wires symbolize imprisonment. Italians inked barbed wire tattoos to symbolize the time when they were behind the bars. These tattoos are usually inked as an armband but at times these tattoos are also used to beautify any other tattoo design

Barbed Wire Tattoo for Men

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  • Angel Tattoo Ideas for Men

    The beautiful and elegant Angel Tattoos symbolize rebirth, faith protection, and freedom. They are also inked to honor someone who you have left us, our loved one.

Angel Tattoo design for men

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Angel Tattoo Ideas for Men

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  • Portrait Tattoos

    These tattoos simply mean to represent someone who has a special or an important place in our lives. They are inked to express love and respect for that person.

Portrait Tattoo Ideas

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  • Lettering Tattoos Ideas

    Lettering Tattoos are mainly quotes or phrases inked. While choosing how to design a lettering tattoo you have to think and figure out how the letters will look, how they should be aligned, and how you want the tattoo to look on your body. Fonts like gothic bold and calligraphy are the most used fonts for lettering tattoos to give the tattoo a bold look.

  • Name Tattoos Ideas

    These tattoos are mainly inked to celebrate the bond of love and honor the person you loved the most.

  • Family Tattoos

    Family Tattoos are inked to honor the loved ones in your family. Family tattoos are not only meant for the biological family but anyone who you love and consider your family.

Family Tattoos

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  • Tribal Tattoos for Men

    Currently, the preferred tattoo designs the Tribal Tattoos are inspired by the works of tribal people from different tribes. They symbolize power strength & protection.

  • Mandala Tattoo for Men

    Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. Mandala tattoos are inspired by various geometrical shapes and designs overlapping each other. The final output of Mandala tattoos symbolizes balance and perfection.

  • Medusa Tattoo

    A recently trending tattoo is a Medusa Tattoo (a woman with snakes on her head). It is a symbol used to protect and ward off the negative. In modern times a Medusa tattoo symbolizes female rage.

  • Tree with moon Tattoo

    Tree with moon Tattoos has a very deep meaning. The Tree symbolizes the connection with roots, nourishment by the mother, and freedom through its branches extending towards the sky. The moon design symbolizes rebirth.

These were some Tattoos for Men to give you an idea which Tattoo you would want on your hand. If you want to checkout a few more tattoo ideas we have got you covered with more Tattoo Ideas For Men Let us know if you have any suggestions. Thanks for reading.