Top 5 looks for the Exclusive Yacht Parties

Find Out What to Wear to a Yacht Party

White t-shirt and fedora to wear at yacht party

This summer has been warm and laid back. Also, beach vibes have literally taken over the party scene. All celebs are partying it up on yachts and we are building this whole new pool party/yacht party culture.

Here are top 5 Bomb Styles for Yacht Parties

1) Suit up, Always!
For those of you out there that would use any excuse to suit up, yes you can most definitely go for the suited looks! Suits are in this season and while colorful or printed suits would be something you would opt for, for a more formal or bigger occasion, your classic suit will work just fine, as long as you are also comfortable in it. Mind you, it can get pretty hot in these. But for a yacht wedding, date or evening yacht party, it does work out well in your favor.

Suit look for yacht party

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2) Shorty vibes
This season is all about brightly colored linen shirts and white shorts. Loafers or canvas shoes work just fine for this look. It is a nice relaxed style and you can even undo the top few buttons.At the same time, white or beige shorts with classic white shirt is a great look as well. Add a bomber/linen jacket and you will astound the crowd, stand out!

Grey shorts white shirt for yacht party

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3) Sophisticated style
The classic looks and style are very sophisticated, even if for a casual yacht party. For this look you should try putting together narrow fitted chinos or trousers and a classic solid colored shirt. If you don’t mind the heat, a relaxed linen or cotton jacket will finish the look and tie it together well. Brogues or derbies will be the ideal footwear but loafers will also work just as well.
Chinos with patterns and plaid is very much in style this season. This is one style you must look out for!

white pant blue linen and jacket

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4)The Casual style
Casual style is your classic t-shirt and joggers or t shirt and trousers/chinos. This is a very basic style and is finished off with sneakers. For someone that likes to stay comfortable, this is for you. However you may add a dash of style with white pants instead of a classic.
A nice summer hat or fedora will really pull the whole look together and add the dash of style that will make all the difference. If you opt for the fedora, sock-less oxfords or brogues are a must. Leather loafers will do. (By sock less we imply the use of invisible socks).

5)Jacket looks
Yes it is warm, yes it is summer. But we need not give up on our jackets. Bomber jackets or cotton/linen jackets are really important this season. For this look you need your trusted jacket (preferably bomber jacket) paired with the classic white shirt and white pants. This is a nice clean cut style. Loafers will work the best for this style and suede will be comfortable fabric. But leather will look just as great and so will white sneakers. This look is right out your wardrobe. It will not hurt to add a fedora to this look as well.

Just as an added postscript, these looks do not cover accessories and/or grooming. Do remember these looks are for the open sun so sun-screen is a must and so are your sunglasses!