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Spring-Summer 2021 and Fluid Suits!

All you need to know about the Fluid Suits

Pink jacket white shirt blue denim ideas for men

Fluid suits are possibly the best outcome of a formal-casual alliance.This is a very 2020 fashion style that is probably defining the whole change in the world of fashion. These past few years have been dedicated towards a more accepting, tolerating and open minded civilization. This style is probably going to be iconic!

The first thing that you need to know is that this season is all about colors. The current trend is to maintain the color palette from top to bottom and flow out in terms of styles. Some of these styles may seem crazy to some, but hey you do you! We have something for everyone here!

Fluid suits comprise of your plain, solid, casual shirt with trendy trousers like cropped trousers, lose fitted ankle length pants, trousers with pleats or tie-ups, plaid trousers etc. The finishing touch here will be a lose fitted funky suit jacket/blazer and proper formal accessories (which includes watch, shoes and may or may not include funky socks but that is your choice!)

Let us take you through the same:

1.Classic black and white or blue stripped
You can never go wrong with the classics. To try any new trend that you are not too sure of, best way to go about it will be in classic colors. This look will bring together all your passion for blacks but in an ultra-modern style. Striped blazers/jackets have really made a massive comeback. Black and white striped jacket will be a really good option here. And it will definitely be versatile. Keep your shoes formal and a pair of sunglasses will only add to the overall mysterious charm.

2. Standard grey and blues
Now grey and blues are pretty standard. You can wear a white/black shirt. But the fluidity factor here will be maybe a plaid look. Plaid suits have really come back and how! You see them in women’s fashion as well as men’s. If you are planning on a cropped casual suit look, this will be your best bet. It is definitely our personal favorite of the three. Don’t forget your all-formal accessories and keep it casual. Black and grey or black and blue are pretty classy combinations and a favorite amongst women. This is a very romantic look!

Grey plaid suit with white sneakers

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3.Bright and poppy!
For all the trend-setters out there, this look is especially for you. Wearing popping pinks and greens has never been as much appreciated as today and in these times, we advice you to make the best of it and try on some colors! The important fashion tip here is that the blazer/suit jacket and trouser shade should be exactly the same. Baby pink is really in and that is the shade you should opt for. But this again is entirely your choice of expression. The trouser and jacket can also be used individually for different looks. Let’s say you wear the baby pink suit jacket with a white undershirt and denims/cropped trousers, that is a great look! You can go for sneakers with this style as well. It is purely a casual street-style … by Versace and Dior that is!