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What to Look for in a Windbreaker Jacket for Men


If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors, whether you’re fond of running, cycling, hiking, backpacking, etc., you need a good and durable windbreaker to help you get through your activities.

A mens windbreaker jacket should not only look good on you, but should also protect you from rain, hard wind, dust, and mud. Fortunately, there are tons of jackets you can get online at a reasonable price.

Contrary to the stereotype that men do not like to shop, a survey finds that men are just as willing as women to buy online. But instead of a fun and smooth experience, looking for the right windbreaker jacket may be overwhelming.

To make your online shopping experience better in selecting for the perfect men’s windbreaker jacket, here are what you need to consider when choosing a windbreaker:


Initially, windbreakers are lightweight and easy to wear, but with the fashion industry being ever-changing, these jackets now come in a variety of heaviness.

When you’re purchasing your windbreaker and going through different options online, it’s up to you whether you want the lightest jacket or not.

In choosing the weight, it’s wise to consider what and where you’re going to use it. If you need it for a run, it might be best to buy a light jacket to help you move better and not have any additional weight dragging you.


A good jacket should not only be lightweight but should also be durable. Since windbreakers are well-known for their lightweight, most people tend to forget the importance of having a durable and long-lasting garment.

If you’re going to use your windbreaker outside for activities, you need a jacket that you can wear several times to get your money’s worth. However, this is not to say that you need to buy a brand new and expensive jacket. There are a lot of great second-hand jackets that you can find online that are in mint condition.


A men’s windbreaker jacket is usually lightweight, as it’s from a piece of thin fabric. Because of this, it’s comfortable to wear and allows for excellent air circulation for better breathability.

However, since the jacket is thin, it might not protect you against torrential downpour as well as other jackets would. So again, you have to keep in mind why you need a windbreaker and why you’re wearing it.

Water-resistance and waterproofness

It’s vital to know that there is a difference between being water-resistant and being waterproof.

A water-resistant windbreaker is more breathable and will protect you from light rains and splashes, but will not work as good under heavy rain conditions. A waterproof jacket, on the other hand, is made with thicker fabric, protecting you from heavy rains.

Ideally, you might want to get both jackets or choose the coat that best suits the weather conditions in your area.


When it comes to protecting yourself from rain, it includes not only your body but also your head.

Some windbreaker jackets come with a hood, while others have a detachable one. Whichever jacket you purchase, the vital thing is that you have a shade to protect your head when you’re out on a rainy day. it’s better safe than sick.

Overall, considering these things will help you choose the best jacket for you and your needs. Playing outdoors and being active is a great way to stay fit and boost your mind, but doing it’s always better when you’re wearing protective gear like a windbreaker jacket.