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White suits – Yay or Nay?

White suits are a cool and classic style statement.

White suits are a cool and classic style statement. It was a rad look for the 60s and 70s however we are clearly way ahead in time. The thing about fashion however is that it never dies! The white suit is one such iconic style statement that will not die out so easily.

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White suits are the perfect combination of sophistication with style and just a hint of vintage fashion! This is the perfect look for parties and occasions. It is best paired, surprisingly, with black shoes and tie. A hat to go along will transform the look into a vintage classic

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The white suit is not at all a formal look nor is it the ideal choice for parties then what is the occasion for this suit? Well, you can opt for a white suit for your formal and semi-formal events. It is smart and elegant. This look has a long lost prince charming vibe that will surely help you stand out in a crowd. This look is surely bold and is not easily accepted by people but is worth the fashion risk!

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