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The Classic White: 3 New Ways to Style White Shorts

White shorts can be casual, elegant or even beachy

White shirt and white shorts and brown bag ideas for men

White shorts are classic, cool, comfortable and versatile. This summer, you have more than one reason to wear white shorts. Yes of course it is hot, but white shorts when paired perfectly, doubles as a trendy 2019 summer style and help build your icon personality!

Learn the three looks for your trusted white shorts.

1. Casual

For a rather basic and laid back look, you will love the current summer shorts collection. There sure is a lot of color, print and pattern this season. If you wish to try some cool new trends, shorts is the way to start. You can go as funky and as trendy as you desire. A clean pair of solid shirt will work great. Linen shirts with shorts are also very much in trend as the heat is unforgiving.
Solid t shirts also work well with shorts. Try to keep your shirt or t shirt in a solid color or simple design. It will balance out the trendy shorts. Also make sure your shorts are below your mid-thigh region, otherwise that’s just some colorful swim trunks!
Sandals, sneakers,espadrilles, loafers work very well with shorts.

Black solid t shirt,White shorts and white sneakers

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2. Elegant

Elegant and shorts are terms you are probably not used to hearing in the same sentence. But this season is all about trying new styles and bringing together various looks. So, yes there is a way to style your shorts in an elegant manner.
First things first, you need solid dark colored shorts or even whites and pastels will do. Nothing too bright or poppy. Next you need a smart linen shirt in a simple subtle warm summer shade. You can even opt for a solid shirt in any other fabric of your choice. Seersucker shirts will also work very well. You can try striped or just a smart basic white shirt.
Your footwear will be loafers, espadrilles or brogues. Even sneakers will work for this style but you need plain solid colored sneakers in blacks or whites. Do not forget your sunglasses to finish off the look and a nice hat will not hurt the look at all!

Blue shirt and white shorts for men

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3. Polished

Polished style is more of a polished look in shorts than a style. This look can be achieved with a pair of solid colored shorts. All you need is a shirt and a blazer or jacket on top and you are good to go. Brogues, monk straps, oxfords and derbies will be your top choices of footwear. Make sure the color of your shorts is matching your blazer and/or shirt. That will bring together the whole look. You sunglasses and a hat are an absolute must!

Let us know what is your favorite way to style shorts this hot summer!