White Outfit Ideas for this Summer Season

World Peace, Fashion and Whites!

White suit outfit ideas for men

White is the shade that we need because climate change is real and the heat wave will really get to you.. It is a shade that reminds everyone that we stand together for peace! Fashion houses have brought in this new trend/message for all.

Fashion 2019 has been all about world peace, standing united and climate change. Life inspires art and vice versa. This has never been more apt than today

Check out some of the interesting white looks and get on with the Earth movement!

  1. All casual

The all casual look will essentially just revolve around a good clean pair of white pants! Now you may be laid back and go for a pair of slightly loose fitted white pants or even joggers. This casual pair of pants will be best suited with laid back t-shirts, vests. You may even wear a well fitted casual shirt to add some oomph. Sneakers shall be your best bet for this casual style.

Black and white stripped t-shirt with white pants and white sneakers

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If you are not so laid back in terms of your fashion statement, you may opt for white/off-white trousers or cropped pants. This is a more versatile style as you can pair it up with shirts, t-shirts etc. This is a good date look. Try to wear formal shoes but sneakers will work just as well. It is a simple classic style of pants and definitely recommended by us! Tag that friend with the white pants and leave a comment if you want a detailed blog to style white pants!

2. Summer and linens

Whether you believe it or not, climate has changed, seasons have changed and it is HOT! Linens are the best fabric for this heat and white is the best color. It keeps you cool and relaxed, summer ready! You can invest in linen trousers or if you already own a pair of white/beige trousers, buy a linen jacket. This look is simple and will keep you summer ready. It is a casual style so your footwear can even be sandals. It’s just a summer statement!

3. Suit up!

This season sure has been a lot about suits, jackets and all things fluid-formal. Loose fitted trousers or just a loose fitted suit has been very much all over the fashion shows and there is no better time to wear white suits than this. An all-white suit is surely something is an eyebrow raiser. If you are into bold trend setting, this style is definitely for you. It is most definitely not a casual style. But sneakers are encouraged. This is a look for parties and opening events, proms etc.