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How to style your summer shorts?

Check out our best picks for this season.

Floral shirt with shorts outfit ideas

Shorts are here and this season we make them stay. It is the coolest way to beat the heat and I think its time men also start wearing shorts, this is the time for gender equality and we want our men to be comfortably cool as well in this heat!

Here are the summer styles that will make you steal several glances even in shorts!

1. The suave
Shorts are often perceived as something just casual and boy-ish. While that is undeniable, there is a classy way to pull them off as well. The most important rule for the same is to ensure you have a collar, whether it’s a shirt or a t-shirt but make sure it has a collar. Rule no. 2 is that you will avoid bright shades like yellow and red. You will stick to cool colors and subtle combinations. Avoid bright patterns and prints too. Try to keep it as subtle as possible. Accessorize it with belt, shoes and watch based on your occasion. Comment below if you want us to provide a complete guide for perfect accessorizing.

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2.The casual

The casual style is you basic run of the mill styling. However you need to understand what is trending. Stripes, blocks and darker shades are very much in this season. Also you can add some edge by including a jacket to your look, especially if you are going to some place windy i.e. near the ocean. Even a casual shirt over an undershirt or just a buttoned up casual shirt will work the magic.

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3.The trendsetter

We cannot possibly teach you how to put out your own style statement. Your fashion statement should be an expression of your inner self. However, we can provide you with certain versatile options that you may use as a guide to set your own trends. This season is all about subtle cool colors. A basic plain shirt with linen shorts will sure help beat the heat. Or maybe a patterned pair of shorts with a plain t-shirt or a smart suit jacket will do the trick. Some men can just pull of colors like peach, salmon and mint beautifully well. Experiment with plain shirts or t-shirts.

Let us know if you want special focus on denim shorts/running shorts/basketball shorts or any other kind that we may have missed. Comment your favourite of the three mentioned above and tag a friend with the style you feel will best be suitable for them with #SuaveUnstitchd or #CasualUnstitchd or #TrendsetterUnstitchd.