7 Weekend Outfit Ideas To Nail The Off-Duty Look

Weekend Outfits For Men : Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, Outfit Ideas, Images, Etc


It’s important to relax when the weekend comes around but does that mean the style has to unwind too? Definitely, NO! Weekend is all about chilling out and enjoying the spare time. Whether men are out clubbing on Friday night, brunch on Saturday or a casual day out on Sunday there are plenty of ways to show off the sharp wardrobe. Whatever men line up, they should never worry about the weekend outfits as this blog is a complete style guide.

Here Are 7 Weekend Outfit Ideas For Men:

weekend outfit ideas for men

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2. Crew Neck T-shirt + Jeans + Sneakers:

3. Jacket + Chino + Shoes:

weekend outfit ideas- denim jacket

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4. Printed Shirt+ Jacket + White Denim + Shoes:

6. Hoddie + Joggers + Sports Shoes:

7. Leather Jacket + Black Denim + Boots:

Men’s Style Guide on How To Wear Weekend Outfit Correctly:

1. Firstly it’s very important to style comfortable outfits.
2. Go for minimal outfit combination to keep it simple.
3. A pair of sneakers is great for outdoor on weekends.
4. Denim, t shirt and jacket are the ideal weekend outfit layering for men.
5. Good colour combination is the key, try to go for vibrant colours if possible according to the situation or occasion.

6. A pair of khakis and sweater looks stunning during fall.
7. Make sure the shirt is untucked.
8. Don’t opt for baggy or big shorts, knee length shorts is Ideal.
9. Don’t wear formal shoes with casual weekend outfits and vice versa.
10. Shirt length should not be too long or short as it can break the look.

11. Make sure the outfit has perfect fit, cut and shape.
12. Leather or denim jacket will do wonders if style correctly.
13. Make sure the denim is not too skinny or baggy in order to maintain the look.
14. Graphic tee will look great with denim or chinos.
15. Do not over accessorize the weekend outfit.