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How to Buy the Perfect Shirt for Your Body Type

If you are a man who likes look his best, updating your menswear on a regular basis is essential. A good time to do it is at the beginning of each season. At those times of the year, most retailers offer a wider range of shirts and other clothing items making it easier for you to find what you want. The most stylish men tend to understand their body type, and which cuts work the best for them.

Being armed with this knowledge makes it easier for you to buy the right style of clothes. Instead of wasting time trying on cuts that are just not suitable for your body type you can get on with your shopping and quickly buy what you need.

As you will see working out what your body type is and buying the right style of clothing for you is not as difficult as you might think. Let´s take shirts as an example.

The inverted triangle

If you have this type of body your shoulder will be the broadest point. For you, shirts that can be left open at the neck are a good idea. This style of shirt draws the attention downwards.

The rectangle male body type

You need to be looking for tapered shirts that are more fitted at the waist than the top. This has the effect of creating a triangle effect that will make your shoulders look broader. Wearing horizontal stripes can also help to broaden the shoulders.

The triangle male body type

If your hips and waist are the widest point of your body the chances are you are a classic triangle body type. For you, the trick is to draw the attention upwards. Wearing vertical stripes is a very effective way of doing this.

The super skinny man

You need to add visual bulk, but it is important not to try to do this by wearing something baggy. Shirts that are too big on you will only emphasise how thin your arms are and the fabric will end up flapping around your body. So, it is best to avoid Hawaiian style shirts. Instead, go for a straight or slim-cut shirt that fits close enough to allow you enough freedom of movement, but does not hang away from the body. Be particularly careful to make sure that the collar is not loose. Avoid wearing black or grey. It is far better to opt for coloured shirts. Plain shirts will usually look better on you than patterned ones do. Darker colours tend to make everyone look skinny. Surprisingly, horizontal stripes are a good idea, these draw the eye across the body, which has the effect of making you look a little bulkier.

Tubby guys

If you are carrying a lot of extra weight, resist the temptation to buy baggy shirts. Instead, use your clothing choices to give your body more structure. Naturally, you do not want to buy skinny cut shirts. However, you still need your shirt to fit you. Straight cut shirts with about an inch of spare material either side of your body are ideal.

Choose shirts that are made from high-quality, heavier fabrics. They will keep their shape better. Try to avoid really bright colours or bold patterns. Instead, opt for darker colours, which have a slimming effect.

Advice on identifying your body type

If you are still not sure what body type you are, just watch this video. Once you have done so you will be able to shop for new shirts with more confidence.