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5 Ways To Style Cuban Collar Shirts In 2023

Cuban Shirts styled with Chinos, Denims, Shorts, Suit and more..

5 Ways To Style Cuban Collar Shirt in 2020

Fashion trends keep changing. And this year’s fashion trend is all about comebacks.The vintage clothing style is coming back to our streets and we just can’t ignore them. One such trend that has made its way back from the 50’s is none other than the Cuban Collar Shirt trend!

Cuban Collar Shirts that were once merely a uniform for the working class.Soon  they became a wardrobe staple for men in the 1950’s! Cuban Collar shirts have been the most versatile and classiest shirt in the history of menswear. 

What makes the Cuban Collar Shirt stand out from the rest?

A Cuban Collar Shirt is more relaxed, it is an open 2- tiered collar shirt with mostly short sleeves with a straight hem. It broadens your upper body and runs straight down to your sides! This retro button-down shirt is the perfect choice for every look. And you should definitely introduce this piece of fashion to your shirt collection!

Cuban Collar Shirt Ideas for Men

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Here are some flattering ways to wear the Cuban Collar Shirt in different styles…

  • Cuban Collar Shirts with Trousers/Chinos

Dark shade striped or printed Cuban collar shirt paired up with a lighter shade of trousers/chinos or vice versa will surely look great for any casual day out.

Cool Printed Cuban Collar Shirt paired with Chinos

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  • Cuban Collar Shirt and Jeans

A Cuban Collar shirt paired with denim jeans is an all time classic. Also cuff the shirt sleeves.

  • Cuban Collar Shirt paired up with Shorts

Rejuvenate your summer wardrobe. A Cuban Collar Shirt goes well with shorts. And is perfect for any summer day. Make sure it’s not the baggy shorts but chino shorts,a well tailored one!

  • Cuban Collar Shirt with a Suit Or Blazer

The perfect smart casual outfit for anyone! A cuban collar shirt with a suit will look stunning anytime. Avoid wearing a tie or a bow tie and wear sneakers to complete the look.

Suit paired with a Cuban Collar Shirt

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  • Cuban Collar Shirt over a tee

A Printed Cuban Collar shirt unbuttoned over a simple plain white tee will do wonders to your look. Have fun and express yourself,try different colors and prints in order to stand out from the crowd.

A few more amazing ways to style the Cuban Collar..

Look fantastic with these Cuban collar shirts,dress stylishly. Have fun with colors and patterns to look cool without doing much.Upgrade your look and rock the Cuban collar in different ways!