5 Signs You Have to Update Your Closet

Update Your Closet With Looks That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Accepting that your wardrobe needs a refresher is a fact that’s easy to overlook and hard to accept. After all, some of the splurges you’ve committed to in the past may have been better spent elsewhere. So, you try and convince yourself that you’ll wear that dress or top from years ago on a random date in the near future. However, what you can’t foresee is that date will never come and that article of clothing continues to take up precious closet space.

Not only do these flashes from the past waste space on hangers and shelves, but they also distract you from the clothes that you might actually wear. The number options in your closet may seem overwhelming with all your old clothes and you may even waste time toying with the idea of wearing that gaudy band t-shirt you wore once to the concert. At the end, you choose the same old basic safe outfit that should have taken half that time to put together. If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn how to update your closet!

You’re Always Underdressed

You never seem to have clothes that fit the occasion and if you do, they’re hidden in the forgotten abyss that you overlook because of how crowded your closet is with old clothes. Whether you already have them and need to dig for them or may need to hit the mall, be aware of some essentials to complete your wardrobe with.

Separate Your Clothes

It may be hard to see, but just like fashion trends, your personal style changes with the season too. What you liked in 2008 may no longer be compatible with your interests today. So, take some time to put aside the clothes you’ve worn in recent months and compare them to those that you haven’t touched since last year or older. This will help you figure out what kind of clothes you are willing to wear and then you can update your closet accordingly.

You Notice A Lot of Loose Strings and Holes

It’s important to toss out those worn out, in a bad way, jeans. And that favorite cardigan with the hole in the corner needs to go to. They may still feel comfortable, but if you can notice the damages, then so can those around you. However, if you have old clothes that have been cared for with love but you think it’s time to move on, consider donating them.

Consider Recycling

You may no longer like the fit of a particular top or pair of pants, but you may be able to repurpose the material into something new and wearable. Craft a purse out of old denim jeans or sew that dress into a top. If you’re not feeling creative, you can even sell old clothes online to get a return on investment.

Replace Old Clothes with Ones That Will Last

Invest in quality clothes with a clean look so that they will last for years to come so you can continue to wear them on a daily basis regardless of the look you’re going for. Consider items from carbon fiber products, which are durable and sleek enough to complete any style.

The next time you enter your closet, keep these signs in mind. Go in armed with these ideas to clean out your closet in a smart way. Efficiency is key when updating an old wardrobe. Get rid of any duplicates in addition to damaged clothes that you can’t recycle.

After the purge cycle, you’ll be surprised by how much space is available to you. Don’t repeat the same mistake by hoarding clothes you can’t see yourself wearing again. Update your closet with looks that will stand the test of time.