30 Style Tips To Help Men Pull Of Business Casuals

Smart Business Casuals- Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, Outfit Styling, Footwear, Etc


What are Business Casuals?
How To Style It?
Well, business casual is basically dress code that allows men to maintain professional image while dressing low key. Men should always keep in mind that business casuals are not casuals that is generally styled on everyday basis. This look is perfect for Fridays at office. In our earlier blog on business casuals we mentioned which outfits are appropriate and how to style them. This blog mentions few tips on men should follow while styling for office.

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Here Are 30 Tips Men Should Follow While Styling Business Casuals

1. Eliminate jeans from the list while dressing to work.
2. Sneakers are not the right footwear pair to style with business casuals.
3. Do not style t-shirts individually or even under blazer or suit jackets to office.
4. Match the standard of the office environment.
5. Dressing according to the skin tone helps to enhance the look.

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6. Project professional image while enjoying casual outfit comfort.
7. Neat and well groomed is the key.
8. Dress down business outfit to get business casuals.
9. Avoid out-dated fashion pieces.
10. Outfit should be ironed, clean and have some formal elements.

11. Outfit should be a perfect fit.
12. Go hand in hand with latest fashion trends.
13. Don’t let the look leave behind sloppy image.
14. Don’t style flip flop with business casuals.
15. Avoid too casual looks as this leaves bad impression.

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Business Casual Tips For Men

16. Make sure how to get away with this look.
17. Maintain professionalism while styling for work.
18. Over dress is manageable but do not under dress.
19. Outfits show how seriously one takes the job thus dress accordingly.
20. Wear right clothes in right way to maintain professionalism.

21. Outfit layering is very important as one wrong step can ruin the look.
22. Follow the fashion rules while styling for office.
23. Dress shirt is a must have business casuals for men.
24. Trouser length should not be too long or above the ankle length.
25. Go for loafers, oxfords, derbies, brogues as they are right footwear choice.

26. Suit jackets, blazer, cardigan and sweaters are great business casuals.
27. Wear suit with styling a tie.
28. Maintain office dress code while dressing up.
29. Right colour combination is a must.
30. Try out seasonal colour to flaunt the business casual style.