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6 Must Follow Rules To Get The Correct Fit Trench Coat – Men’s Style Guide

The Secret Of The Correct Trench Coat Fit Unrevealed?

The Trench coat has military origins and has been popularized by the French and British soldiers by donning it during the world wars. They were a mark of honor and service to the country. Plus they were so functional that the soldiers incorporated them in their dressing even after the war. And when the war ended the British government took their surplus produce of trench coats and made it available to the general public too. Even Hollywood and media played a fair share in popularizing the trench coat look.

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The trench coat is popular even today due to its history, style and functionality. Therefore a lot of gentlemen are leaning towards it. But when donning a trench coat, the fit becomes of supreme importance. So here are a few tips to help you get started.

The rules are quite simple actually.

  1. The trench coat is worn as an outer layer, therefore it should not fit you perfectly.

2. The proper fit should take in to consideration whatever layer of clothing you will wear under your trench coat like a suit or a jacket

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3. To get the right fit, you can either carry a suit jacket with you when you shop for your trench coat or keep in mind the measurements and checks you need to do before buying.

4. You need to make sure that the shoulders extend about half to an entire inch from your actual shoulders length on both sides to accommodate a jacket.

5. The sleeves should be long. When worn under a suits sleeves should not be visible. But they should not be so long that your hands are not.

6. Tall men need to opt for longer trench coats while the vertically challenged men need to opt for knee length trench coats.

Hope these rules help you in getting the best fit for your trench coat.



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