Top Ways Of Wearing The Traditional Indian Kurta

Indian Kurta Styling Guide For Men To Stand Out On All Occassions

Top Ways of Wearing the Traditional Indian Kurta for every occasion

Kurta is the perfect hi-fashion dress for Indian men – it is practical, casual, extremely comfortable, and the right ethnic wear that always looks good. There is a kurta for all occasions too – most men look good in it, whether it’s a wedding, a formal evening dress for the party, or just a casual outing with friends. Yes, you can wear it both on formal and information occasions, and that is why a kurta is often called a “semi formal” dress.

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There are many ways to wear this dress in a fashionable way. For instance, you can wear a kurta with a simple trouser, shalwar, or with a churidar pajama. Your choice! There are simple kurtas, and decorated ones, which are rich in fancy embroidery, and embellishments. Casual kurtas are quite simple, perfect for regular wear, while the formal ones are decorated in many ways, making them good choices for formal occasions. Men of different ages and structures all look fashionable in them.

Many Types of Kurta Designs

Most kurta dresses are collared, but there are varieties here too. For instance, you can pick from v-neck designs, or Chinese collared kurtas. There are other designs as well, such as flared kurtas, kaftan or poncho style kurtas, front slit and straight-cut designs, printed kurtas, indo-western, and dhoti-style designs, among others. The length also varies. There are long-sleeved or hip length dresses, and kurtas that are knee length.

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Many men are now also wearing this traditional Indian dress is new and unique ways, giving it a contemporary twist. For example, if the temperature is cool enough (yes, a kurta can be an all-weather dress that you can wear throughout the year), you can wear a rugged leather jacket on top of your kurta to look more masculine, or you can wear it with a stitched-in shawl for a truly unique look, and another option is to wear the dress with your skinny jeans.

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There are plenty of color options to choose from, which is why you will never go out of choices when you want to match your outfit and showcase your fashion. You can wear an embroidered or a plain kurta with a contrast or matching color churidar trouser, and even denim.

What is the Most Popular Kurta Fabric?


Kurtas are usually made of any of these three fabrics – brocade, cotton, or silk. Cotton is usually best for casual dresses, but exclusive silk fabrics will always look better if you want a kurta for special formal occasions like a party or a wedding, for example. In silk, you can choose from stylish combinations of patterns and colors, glittering embroidery, attractive prints, and lustrous styles that look gorgeous. You can buy these kurtas online or offline, or you can get one made for you exclusively by purchasing the fabric.

A kurta is a fantastic choice for the summer. This loose fitting dress will keep you feeling cool and comfortable. The many styling options mean that you will never go out of choices. However, these days, many men are wearing this traditional Indian dress throughout the year and in different styles and modern, contemporary ways.