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The Perfect Sweatshirt – Features You Should Keep Your Eye Open To!

It goes without saying that there are several things subjective in this blog. You might be from a colder or a warmer region and may want to make your decision accordingly but this is just a basic check list.

1. Let’s start with the fabric. This will be on your body all day long and also despite it being cold, you may sweat at times so it has to be sweat absorbent and soft!

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2. Insulation as per your temperature needs is also a must. You may end up being too cold or too hot in your sweatshirt if you mess up with the insulation.

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3. You need a basic hoodie which will be a darker shade like grey, black, navy or olive. Basically a dark shade that does not need washing every single day. And also is compatible with all your basic everyday styles!

4. You need a hoodie if you stay in a windy place and this is not something you must compromise on. Even if you use earplugs or ear muffs or headphones or even cotton, a hoodie surely makes the wind less harsh on your ears in particular.

5. Finally a very important element is that you absolutely need pockets. Sometimes you just go for a walk so where will you keep your cold hands other than the pocket of your hoodie. Do not tell me that you never ever forget to carry your gloves! And sometimes it is just not cold enough for gloves but you need to keep your hands warm! You need giant pockets!


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