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Sweatshirt Maintenance

So sweatshirts are important and you can easily get attached to yours because it is warm and comfortable and lived in. So older the better and you just cannot let go. Also it can get really expensive constantly buying new ones so here are some tips that will help you maintain your sweatshirt longer!

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The first tip is music to the ears of lazy people! Your sweatshirt should not be washed everyday! So laundry day for sweatshirt should be once or twice a week if you sweat a lot. You can even go upto three times a week if you feel the need but otherwise just once is also enough. The more you wash it, the more wear and tear it has to go through and that messes with the fabric.

Next is make sure you use a fabric softener. The insulation can get harsh and just rub off or get completely ruined. You must use fabric softeners.

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Another cool trick is to not rough handle your sweatshirt! It is not a sweater so do not sit on it and rub it off and just mess with it. Keep it nicely and treat it well!


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