The Pea Coat Colors: 4 Colors To Make A Statement

I love basic colors. Black, blue and white fill my wardrobe. When I go to the store, I consciously or subconsciously pick pieces in these colors only. They complement a wide color palette making them very easy to pair up with other pieces and create different looks. Neutral colors look good on everyone irrespective of color or built. But this is also what makes them common. Few people invest in how they dress or are so busy that they do not have the required time, even if it’s just a couple of minutes extra. Thus nothing of your personality is added to your look. Therefore you do not stand out and look just like anyone else in your situation.

black pea coat

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Bold colors capture attention without much effort on your part. Now I am not suggesting you dress up like Willy Wonka in purple overcoats or the Rose Beetle Man with garish colors and loud flashy patterns or to take fashion tips from the Mad Hatter and dress ostentatiously to the point of looking outrageous. The point is not to look like a neon signboard or nutty as a fruit cake but to simply stand out.

adam pea coat

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The following 4 bold Pea Coat colors will help you make a statement with minimal effort :

  • Olive Green:

This color is in this season. Forest colors go well with earth tones. Try pairing an olive pea coat with different tones of brown and tan.

  • Red:

It doesn’t get bolder than red. With such an iconic and eye catching care should be taken to keep other pieces of the ensemble simple. Pair a red pea coat with some dark denims and a white button down with top two buttons undone or a crew neck tee and boots or moccasins or boat shoes.

red pea coat

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  • Orange:

Bright and difficult to ignore. Pair an orange pea coat with denims or chinos and a shirt.

  • Burgundy:

This is rich and has depth. It makes the person sporting it look suave. This is also the color of the season.

Be confident and comfortable and these four statement pea coat colors will shine more. Remember these colors are not only meant for sporting plainly but also in interesting patterns like plaid or checked.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the 4 different and bold colors of pea coats!