The Narcissistic Navy

Top 5 Style Icons That Belong To The Shade Navy Blue

The Narcissistic Navy

Here are the top 5 style icons that belong to the shade navy blue.

1) Navy Suit

This suit colour is the best attire in the navy blue family. It is charming and attractive but also very royal and vintage. This is a clean and elegant style statement that you can never go wrong with. You can go for a white or blue shirt for the suit or you can go for a black shirt if it is a party or wedding look.

navy blue suits

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2) Navy T-Shirt

The navy blue t-shirt is compatible with denims like no other. You can style it with black denims or blue denims and trust me, this t-shirt will not let you down. it is the perfect look for a casual day and if you wish to elevate the style, just add a jacket over.

3) Navy Pocket Square

Pocket square is what completes the formal suited look. Your blue pocket square coupled with the blue tie is the perfect addition to your suit. If your suit is grey, black or brown this combo will work. Make sure you opt for a printed tie for grey and brown as that is a more interesting look.

navy blue pocket square with white suit

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4) Navy Tie

The navy blue tie is surely a gem in a plain version but the best tie for a business look is a printed navy blue tie. Now we all know that navy blue is most compatible with white so you can go for a print that combines navy blue with white. The largest variety of ties will be in this combination because it is versatile, royal and beautiful.

5) Navy Jacket

The navy jacket is the mature version of the navy blue t-shirt. This style will convert your basic casual into a fancy party look and also elevate your shirt and trousers into a confident professional style. The navy blue suit jacket or even a casual jacket is a must have but if you have save for just one of the two then go for a suit jacket because a suit jacket can be used professionally as well as casually but the same versatility is not available in case of a casual jacket.

Top 5 Style Icons That Belong To The Shade Navy Blue
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