Telon Diaries: My first meet with fashion at Telon


I had to get some shopping done for my brother & He is truly miserable at it. He does not have patience and also claims lack of time but the fact is he hates trying clothes on, eventually lands up picking one style, multiple colors – Truly what a disaster! But this time I was sure am not going to let him get away with it. A friend of mine suggested that I could take him to the Telon store which keeps variety in fashion and styles. So here I am sharing my experience with Telon J

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So finally, we landed up going there on a weekend. I must say their collection is very impressive. Not only it has latest in fashion but also tailor made as per your style. I personally liked their latest collection,its fresh and vibrant. Thankfully they did not try to pass off last year’s stock as fresh stock. Their ethnic and Wedding collection is quite exhaustive, elegant and sophisticated. They even have in-house tailors to make sure the fit is just right for the special day.  I felt bad that nobody in my family was getting hitched anytime soon! My brother would look really handsome in one of those sherwanis!

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Coming to their work wear, The Telon office collection is smart. The apparels have beautiful hues in some great fabrics. I especially loved their bow tie collection. Now my brother is not into bow ties so he got a couple of ties. They are simple but suave. Telon has some really fun socks, Cool patterns and kitschy prints.

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Not to miss the interiors of the Telon store! To summarize, my experience My brother is now a changed man. He has finally seen the light and started enjoying shopping.

Do check out the Telon store if you are looking for something unique!


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