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6 Unique Gifts To Give Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Valentines is here and it’s your chance to spoil your man and show how much you love him with the perfect gift.

Valentines is here and it’s a chance for you to spoil your man silly. After all why should boys have all the fun? So take charge ladies and plan something special for your someone special and what better way to show your love than a perfect gift.

It’s an exciting opportunity for new couples and for seasoned couples to put the best gift forward, such as matching outfits for couples.

Flowers, chocolates, dinners and cards are very clichéd. Try something new this valentines. We have put together a list of some unique gifting ideas like:

1. If your guy is into the latest fad to afflict all guys i.e. the beard and hairstyle fad then get him some cool and top of the line grooming products and accessories.

2. If he is into reading then get him a vintage copy of his favorite book.

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3. Book a session of an invigorating couple’s massage. It’s a perfect way to de-stress especially if he is a workaholic.

4. Treat him out for a boat ride or a helicopter ride if its available in your city and literally sweep him off his feet. Get far from the maddening crowd!

5. Gift your guy something that he really loves but would never buy for himself because he does not need it, maybe a vintage jacket or a suit. People who wait for an occasion to buy an apparel never get anywhere. Get the apparel first and he will automatically find places to sport it.

6. Another fun gift would be to gift your guy some cool hobby lessons like sketching or guitar lessons or dance lessons. It would be cooler still if you took the lessons together.

Happy Valentines Day!


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