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Sneakers-All day, Everyday,Even with Suits!

For all the Sneaker heads,you can now officially wear your sneakers even with suits.

Full Suit- Blue Suit white shirt

2019 is the year of fluid fashion and interesting combinations.Last 2 years have heavily been fixated on suits as well as sneakers. Suddenly in 2019, these two styles were also finally put together to create an amazing new course of fashion! Now we are not saying that your boss will be too pleased with this style, but be rest assured, you will displease your boss fashionably!

Generally speaking, one cannot imagine a pair of sneakers with suits. However this is a fluid fashion style which means that it is neither office wear nor casual style. Such fluid looks are ideal for dates, events, outings, visits etc. It is also a great “business-casual” option. If you work in a laid back office environment, this is the look for you!

Let us now get on to the actual looks..

  1. Full Formal and sneakers

This is your classic all-formal style. Formal shirt (tucked in neat), trousers, suit jacket. All your accessories-watch,belt,etc.The classic look in blacks, blues and grey. The only difference here being, your shoes. Normally it is a no-brainer – brogues or oxfords or monk straps even. In this case, for 2019, in the name of fluid fashion, we will try sneakers! The one important fashion pro-tip here is to keep your sneakers very basic. Opt for solid colors like black or white and keep them as simple as possible. Neon or brighter shades or glittery sneakers will not really work so well with this look unless you are aiming to make a statement.

Full Suit-Beige Suit white shirt and white sneakers

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This look is essentially more of a professional look with a dash of comfort. We all are well aware as to how sore the formal shoes make our toes feel.. here is some added comfort to push you do better even professionally. If the look works out for you, you may even opt for cropped trousers instead of formal suit trousers.

This is by no means an all office workwear unless your workplace is fluid. This is however a great look for formal events and/or dates.

2. Semi-formal and sneakers

Most men do not tuck their shirts in while wearing a suit, so you will not even consider this look as ‘semi-formal’ but my friend, shirt tucked out is not formal look! So the only difference here is that your shirt will not be tucked in. However it must still be well ironed and paired with watch, belt and socks. The one point of difference however can be that you opt for a plaid suit or maybe a bit more colorful suit. That by all means, is up to you entirely. This look is definitely not a traditional work place look.

Semi Formal- Black Printed shirt with jacket and white sneakers

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Now we come to the point of highlight here- sneakers. If you have volunteered out of trying to sneak in this look as a work look, you can, in this case, opt for more interesting sneakers. Maybe even some cool socks if you are opting for cropped trousers instead of regular trousers. This is a great look for dates, weddings, openings etc. It is a dash of trend with your classic all-interesting masculine suit style!

3.Casual suit looks and sneakers

We all love the casual suit style- A basic t-shirt or a simple sweater under your suit jacket and your cropped/regular trousers. This look is classic and is pulled off best in colors like Royal blue or Navy blue or maybe even brighter shades .. it is 2019 after all!

This is a simple style to pull together. You can pair it off with almost any pair of sneakers and really beloved socks. This look can really work out at beach weddings, casual business meet, street style etc. It is also a good date look.

This is the perfect date style all of the above! It is perfect for lunch or dinner. It is right out of your wardrobe and a definite must try. Small leap of fashion will go a long way! Tag us with your ideal date look and win a chance to be featured on our account! Let us know if you love the fluid fashion trends of 2019 or would you rather prefer the traditional styles!