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10 Impressive Ways To Suit Up Like Barney Stinson!

Every man essentially has a suit in his wardrobe, whether you are tall, short, slender or healthy, there is a perfect suit for every man. Whatever the occasion, there are suits that look great at them all. Thunstitchd shows you 10 amazing suits and it’s on you to choose which one matches your body and occasion, so that you don’t fall prey to ill-fitting and cheap looking suits that don’t complement your body.

While selecting a suit, from fabric to the colour, everything plays an important role.

The must-knows about fit:

  1. The fit around the shoulders should be neat and natural looking. Not oversized or cringed.
  2. The trousers should fit perfectly at the top of your hip bones and be fit at the waist but not cut the waist. There should be medium break between your trousers and your shoes.
  3. The length of the jacket should not be longer than midway of your butt and not shorter than the top of your rump.
  4. The sleeve length should finish between nine centimetres above the knuckle of the thumb.You may extend an extra 2 centimetres if you want to show off your cufflinks.

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Do not mix colours when building a formal suit and don’t mix textures when building a full suit. Yes, it is a tricky task to choose a perfect suit, but just like a soul mate, you will know when the suit is perfect for you. Also with such a range of fits, fabrics, ranges and colours to choose from it is difficult to not find an amazing suit. With a choice of lapels, there are endless possibilities. Check out the looks and master the season with ease! Good luck!


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