Staying Fashionable Without Sacrificing Comfort


Looking as fashionable as possible on a daily basis is extremely important, but as great as a classic suit looks, nobody wears them every day. Not only would this be uncomfortable, but definitely damaging to such a great piece! Don’t worry, there are plenty of tips that you can use to still look just as sharp in casual, comfortable clothing items. Below are some of the best ways to do just that.

Button Down Shirts are a Staple

This clothing item is extremely versatile in that it can be worn with a suit, or dressed down on a more casual day with jeans or shorts for a presentable yet comfortable look. These tops are a staple that can truly be worn in so many different ways that they are a must-have for any man’s closet. Banana Republic is a great place to find these, with reasonable pricing and great quality.  Breathable cottons and oxford fabric are great for the summer and more humid weather, while thicker materials and blended fabrics are a great option to keep warm in the winter while still looking fantastic.   

Casual T-shirts are Still Trendy

A comfortable t-shirt can be dressed up easily while still remaining versatile. Pair a t-shirt with jeans and a neutral-colored jacket for a classic look that is great for the fall months. This is also practical for summer or warmer climates as t-shirts and shorts can still be extremely fashionable when paired with the right footwear, such as espadrilles or neutral-colored sandals. For taking this to the next level, companies like allow you to try out custom-made shirts with your own unique designs. This will blow the minds of your friends next time they see you in a shirt that is absolutely unique to you.

Blazers Work for Any Outfit

A stylish blazer can add a classy touch to any outfit—even the most comfortable, dressed down look.  Pair them with a t-shirt and jeans, especially classic and dark blues, for a classy and eye-catching look.  You can even wear the jacket or blazer that came with your favorite suit set, so that it can be worn more often instead of sitting in your closet for most of the year. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your favorite pieces and wear them on any occasion! Your favorite blazer deserves to be worn to your heart’s desire- just be sure to take proper care of such a unique, delicate item.

Sneakers Aren’t Just for Sports

A clean and simple pair of sneakers, such as Converse, look great with a casual outfit when they are properly cared for.  An all-black pair can make any outfit look classy while also leaving room for complete comfort, while solid whites can look extremely stylish when paired with t-shirts. Not in the mood for this type of shoe? When thought out carefully, a pair of loafers can be matched with shorts for those hotter days while still remaining comfortable and versatile.

Everybody loves to look their best, but there is no need to sacrifice our comfort. Don’t forget to use these tips, as well as your own fashion hacks, to stay stylish and comfortable for any occasion.