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How to Straighten Your Glorious Beard

Beards have become a very popular facial feature over the last few years. If you have a bad beard day, your appearance isn’t the only thing that people say gets affected. Both your self-esteem and the condition of your beard can be a problem too. Normally, a curly beard is a symbol of health and youth, but they can also come with a host of other issues. These include tangles, a change in texture and bad hygiene. When a beard is naturally coarse, the hair curls can lead to a mass of messy hair. The type of hair your beard is made up from can also make them harder to manage, but luckily for you and your loopy facial locks, there are a number of things you can to straighten up that beautiful beard of yours.

Natural Straightening Preparation

The best way to straighten your beard naturally is by using the right products and being patient. If you decide to go with the natural method, you will need to make sure you carry out this maintenance every day. Make sure you say no to harsh soaps and shampoos, use mild products, and apply a beard hair conditioner afterwards. Don’t be rough when you dry the beard; instead, gently part and pat the beard dry with a towel.

Brush It

To get your beard naturally straight, the best thing you can do is use a great quality beard brush, a hair dryer and a silicone cream. Work the silicone cream into your beard while it is still damp from being washed. Then use the blow dryer and beard brush to style and set your beard. 

Do’s and Don’ts

When you use the hair dryer, make sure it isn’t on a high heat setting because this can make your beard hair brittle. Ensure that you use the coolest setting you can when blow drying. Don’t use too much silicone cream and make sure you gently work the cream in. To do so, follow the direction of the hair growth. Also, find a good beard oil to finish off your beard. This will keep the hair soft to the touch. Beard balm is a great addition to consider if you want to maintain the straightness throughout the day. 

Relaxing Cream

Beard relaxer is a great way to straighten the beard without causing damage. It is designed to fortify the beard while encouraging healthy growth. The product can affect the old parts of your beard and your beard will continue to grow curly. Due to the nature of the cream, a beard straightening iron should be used alongside it.

Beard Straightening Tools

If you are in a rush or find it hard to keep to a natural straightening routine, then getting a product that you can use to straighten your beard may be a good option. There are a number of products, like mini hair straighteners and straightening brushes. Straightening brushes are becoming more popular and this is how they work

Beard maintenance can be underappreciated by those who don’t possess a beard. However, with the right routine, perfect products and plenty of patience, great, straight beard results will definitely be seen.