Smart Casual Dress Code for Men: 19 Best Smart Casual Outfit Ideas

Style Guide for Smart Casual Outfits

Smart Casual Outfit Ideas for Men 2019

What is Smart Casual? Smart Casual is a deadly combination of Smart and Casuals. It is nothing but your simple and relaxed casuals blending in with style and sophistication. Yes, just blend in your casual jeans and t-shirt with a blazer and loafers. And then you see, the Smart Casual Wear for Men is all set and ready…! This was a just a hint. There is a lot more you can experiment with.

Business Casuals and Smart Casuals might sound same. But Smart Casuals are a bit challenging and difficult to understand. You never really know what counts in and what doesn’t. Imagine being invited to an event with the dress code mentioned as Smart Casuals. Now you don’t want to be under dressed or overdressed right? So better be updated and understand what might and might not come into the category of “Smart Casuals”.

When we say Smart Casuals, we can count on the following things:

  1. The very first thing that comes first to our mind is the Blazer. Yes, you can literally wear a Blazer without a thought.
  2. Shirts, basic and plain T-shirts, Polo Shirts, and Sweaters too are included in the list. Stripes and Plaids will work best.
  3. The next is the Chinos and Trousers.
  4. Jeans that is dark, washed and neat can also be counted (depending on the event).
  5. Shorts too, because some say so (I’m not so sure though)
  6. Loafers, Derbies, Monk Straps or a pair of classic converse sneakers is the kind of footwear that you can wear.
  7. Overcoats and cardigans are allowed as well.
  8. For accessories, a belt is a must.
  9. A tie or no tie is your choice.
  10. Pocket Square will do no harm so a yes from me.
  11. And Sunglasses might just add the right of amount of style to your look so go for it

Here are 19 Best Smart Casual Outfit Ideas..

Pinstripe Blazer, Shirt, Chinos and Loafers- Smart Casual Dress for Men

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Monk Straps, Chinos, Blazer and Striped Shirt Outfit for Men

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Shirt, Jeans and Blazer Outfit for a Smart Casual Look

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