6 Fashion Shopping Mistakes Men Need To Avoid

Shopping Mistakes Men Need To Avoid

As Miuccia Prada states, “What you put on is how you showcase yourself to the world, particularly today when human connections are so swift. Fashion turns out to be an instant language.” The first thing anyone notices in a person is how he or she is dressed. Opinions about people are formed based on their fashion style. This makes shopping a crucial task so that you don’t end up wearing something that doesn’t represent you.

This being said, men still lag when it comes to shopping. Although it is not rocket science, on average, a man struggles more than a woman when it comes to shopping. There are no fixed rules here. However, a few common mistakes can be listed down which most of the men are making while shopping for fashion items. Avoiding them can save a lot of guys from embarrassment.

Ill-fitted clothes

Clothes look good on a person when they perfectly fit the body. Hence, whether it is a t-shirt, shirt, jeans, trousers or men’s henleys, wearing the right size is very important. The first and most prevalent mistake most men make is buying the wrong size clothes. No matter how costly or trendy piece of cloth you buy, if it doesn’t fit you properly, it won’t make you look good.

Very loose clothes look baggy and un-classy. Similarly, clothes that are too much tightly fitted than needed look suffocating. Hence, be mindful of picking up the right size according to your body type. While at it, try a size larger and a size smaller. Look for what fits best and then buy it.

Wrong color choices

As much as we all like to experiment with colors when it comes to buying fashion items, such as clothes, tie, shoes or sunglasses, going overboard with it will make you a laughing stock among others. However, not experimenting at all will leave you appearing dull and boring. Very few men manage to strike a balance between the two.

The trick here is to experiment a little. Go through a few of the options. Check which color complements your skin tone and body type. Mix and match a few shades. The color of every piece of cloth, you are wearing should complement each other too.

Not shopping for the occasion

Another big mistake men make is generalizing their shopping list, especially when it comes to purchasing fashion items. Not dressing up for the event is a big turn-off for ladies too. So, next time you get an invitation to a party, instead of buying the same t-shirt you wear while chilling with your friends or picking the usual shirt you wore on an office lunch, try to find something that goes with the theme of the party.

Bright colors never go wrong on a festive occasion. Light-colored clothes do wonders on a sunny outing. You can add accessories as well to match your outfit. Whether it is trendy sunglasses or a tie, a little accessorizing can play out exceptionally to complete your look.

Not accessorizing correctly

Men tend to have limited options when it comes to accessories as compared to women. Hence choosing the right stuff can be a little tricky. Also, accessorizing to the correct amount is a big task when you’re unaware of what to pick. For this, you need to evaluate the type of clothing you have finalized and then select something that viably goes hand in hand with the color and design.

Being on the minimalist front will come in handy when you don’t want to overdo accessories. Things can quickly go haywire if you’ve not maintained a decent stock beforehand. Therefore, it’s suggested to have a multitude of accessory options handpicked from the market that can be put into use without much struggle.

Improper ironing

Having creases here and there can ruin the entire look despite the amount of effort you have put into your outfit selection. This will showcase a kind of appeal that you’re not quite mindful of little things that determine the overall appearance.

Therefore, you should prevent yourself from this fashion blunder that might doom your styling measures in one go. Invest ample time when it comes to ironing your clothes so that there doesn’t remain any undesired creases to hamper your look.

Wrong sock choice

If you believe that socks don’t have much say in terms of deciding your appearance, think twice because inappropriate sock selection might cause havoc. Apart from choosing good quality cotton socks, you also have to take care of suitable coloring. Subsequently, you can keep yourself from extensive sweating while maintaining the color combination.

It’s better to avoid extremely contrasted clothes if you’re wearing them to your workplace. When narrowing down to the color choice, you need to assess the color of your trousers instead of footwear. Ensure a decent collection that can cater to the needs regardless of the occasion you are putting on your socks for.