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Ripped Denims or Distressed Denims? Know what you’re wearing

Understand what’s a ‘fashion faux pas’ and what’s ‘all the Rave’!

Ripped blue denim outfits for men to try

This is clearly a fairly great time for fashion enthusiasts. There is room for every old and new trend when it comes to fashion. Ripped/distressed denims have made a clear outrageous comeback. You see them being flaunted especially in the music and fashion industry. So here is a pro tip to identify the difference between these two particular classes of denims and know what you are investing your money into.

Here,you will understand the difference and always use the right term.

Ripped denims are easily identifiable. As the name suggests, they are essentially just “ripped” or torn. Now this tear must not ideally be a full blown “knees and legs out” kind of situation but rather very specific tears or scrapes which is better explained in our blog explaining the details of ripped denim and how far must you go with them.

Distressed denims on the other hand are merely slightly worn out. They need not be torn at all. In fact they essentially indicate that the denims have just been through a lot of wear and tear. Distressed denims include the ones that have a wash, scrapes, lose threads etc. They need not necessarily have tears and absolutely need not have actual holes.

The difference is an important element in deciding what you wish to opt for because you may not be able to wear your ripped denims everywhere as it may be too much skin or too casual for some occasions however, distressed denims are far more acceptable and versatile. You can go for the cool look without maybe looking too casual

Also it is better to start off with a pair of basic distressed denims and then wearing them off enough to transition them into ripped, just organically rather than spending all those extra bucks. Plus they are easy to settle in if you have not worn ripped or distressed denims.

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