5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Raw Denim

The Ultimate Raw Denim Guide For Men

Denim is one of the most popular bottom wear amongst men across the globe. There is no doubt that almost everyone at least owns one pair of denim in their wardrobe. But does everyone have complete knowledge about the fashion piece they wear? That’s the reason I came up with this blog on raw denim to guide men with the right styling.

Raw Denim style tips

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What is Raw Denim?

Raw denim is also known as dry denim in many countries. It is simply a denim cloth that is not washed, treated and is virtually not touched from when it rolls off the factory to when it is sold to the customers. Raw denim is a one in its purest form. It is in the stiff form due to the stabilizing agents used while weaving and finishing the denim. Once the denim is washed it no longer stays raw denim as it shrinks and gets soft.

Raw Denim outfit ideas for men

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What Are The Benefits Of Raw Denim?

  1. The indigo of the denim is lost according to what men do while wearing them creating unique fade designs.
  2. It is more durable then the washed denim.
  3. Men can style it for 7 to 8 months without washing.
  4. One can create a perfect fit by washing it accordingly.
  5. Men can wear the same pair of raw jeans every day.

Few Raw Denim Care Tips For Men

Raw Denim outfit ideas

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1. Pre-washed denim shrinks 3% and dry denim shrinks 10% thus buy the one accordingly.
2. Washing the dry denim for the first time needs to be soaked in water rather than washing with detergent.
3. While buying raw denim keep in mind that they stretch out.

4. Never fold the denim to dry out instead hang it.
5. Men can wash it between 4 to 10 months of buying.
6. Never go more than a year to wash it for the first time.

7. Do not over wash it as it can damage the denim quality.
8. Place the denim in the refrigerator to get rid of the bacteria.
9. Raw denim fades into brown, indigo, olive green and yellow.

10. Buy the one made with ring-spun yarn.
11. Weight of the denim is very important thus it is very important to know it before buying. 10 oz is breathable and 20 oz is oppressive.
12. Selvedge doesn’t mean the denim will be more durable thus there is no need to pay attention to these details.

13. Do not hem the denim before washing it as it will change it size.
14. Do not cuff the raw denim more than 1.5 or 2 inch.
15. Avoid too much stacking, go for the right amount that looks good.