10 Styling Tips To Sport The Preppy Style Effortlessly

Men’s Preppy Style Guide- Outfits, Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, Etc

Preppy style is all about neat, classic and collegiate look. For men who likes to go for refined look rather than the manly or rugged look, this style is the perfect. Many think buying big label clothes can get them the right style but that’s absolutely wrong as it is a lot more than just big brand’s outfits. This blog mentions all the aspects related to preppy style that is used while styling and also help flaunt the look with confidence.

Men's Preppy Style

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What Is Preppy Style?

Preppy style is a type of attire that boasts prints, classic colours and apparels. It was originated by the youth subculture of classic American universities. Peppy style is basically the Ivy League styling outfit inspired of the 20th century. It can be styled for any occasion to stand out. It’s mainly about the attitude and style one carries. Men can go for preppy style with great ease only if layering and outfit combination is done correctly. In a nutshell preppy style is a casual look that men can opt for and flaunt.

preppy style men

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10 Pieces of Preppy Style Men Should Own:

1. Sweater

2. Blazer

3. Shirt

Men's Preppy Style- shirt

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5. Jackets

Men's Preppy Style- jackets

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6. Chinos

7. Tie

8. Belt

9. Loafers

Guide To Nail The Preppy Style With Ease:

1. Make sure the outfit is clean, good cuts, and collegiate.
2. Invest in good quality outfit.
3. Always go for right colour outfits that match the skin tone.
4. Keeping the last button of the blazer open is essential.
5. Don’t afraid to experiment outfit layering for preppy style.
6. Go for bright and bold colour ties with amazing patterns for better results.
7. Solid colour shirts mainly excel the preppy style.
8. Make sure the outfit styled are trendy and fashionable.
9. Go for right accessories on right outfit.
10. Try to go for outfit that are perfect fit as wrong one can break the look.