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The Comeback of Plaid Trousers. Plaids all the way

Find Out The Plaid trousers to look out For this season!

Amazing Blue plaid white shirt outfit for men.

These smart trousers are fresh off the runway and will find a way in your wardrobe by the time you are done reading this blog!Plaid trousers have created a fashion wave amongst women’s fashion in the last 2 years. And is now making a comeback to its Alma-mater – men’s fashion!

Here are some plaid trousers to look out for followed by some basic styling tips!

1. Subtle and suave

Now if you are not already on board the plaid trouser train, or you cannot wear all-out trendy fashion, this is a great compromise. It is an amazing look and sure to get you a lot of female attention!

Subtle look with Grey Plaids and White T-shirt

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Stick to the basics, black, grey and blue. Use only simple dual shades with an overall subtle understated look. For instance, light grey or black trousers with maybe thin white checks. It is good to start with smaller leaps of fashion and there is no better way to try new styles!

2. Bright and casual

Now in this sense, bright is not poppy bright. This is a casual style and you must go for lighter shades with more of whites and creams. This is a classic casual look. Keep it light and breezy. Wear collared t-shirt or casual shirts with it. In fact you may also find lots of plaid joggers, that is a great option. You most definitely should wear sneakers for this look. This is an excellent date look. It is casual but very sharp.

Cool Grey Plaid Joggers outfit

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3. Color Color Everywhere!

Are you bold with your fashion? Or are you hoping to be? Well this style is for you. How do you feel about yellow pants? Or multi color pants? Maybe it sounds weird, but colors for plaid pants are the right way to go. It does not come off as crazy style because it is still the gentleman’s plaid style, but it comes off as bold. You will leave a mark, draw attention, and capture gazes. It is an easy fashion risk.

Pair it off with solid colored shirts, maybe a jacket or a sweater on top if it’s cold… Sneakers work well as well as brogues or practically any pair of shoes. This is a nice clean style with a bit of an edge.