Traveller’s Style Guide for 2021

Find Out The Best Styling Ideas For Travelling

Outfit style guide for men!

Vagabond and clueless? Sure the mountains are calling but how are you planning to get to them? Fitness is here to stay. This is not a fad but a life calling. It is a force that cannot be tamed or controlled much like your spirits and here we will help you out with a guide that is perfect for your adventure desires.

Trekking or hiking or discovering the beautiful wild is not a child’s play. It involves several nights where you rough it out, beautiful morning sun with hard earned breakfasts and beautiful sights at the cost of perfect hygiene. This rugged lifestyle is perfectly matched with the ideal rugged style. This guide will give you a helping hand not just to look the part but also be the part!

Here is a head to toe adventure fashion guide.

You cannot carry new pair of pants for each day and expect them to be washed clean with every speck of dust you come across. Thus we begin with the perfect pair of denims. It goes without saying that you most definitely need a pair of dark jeans. Dark wash jeans will also look. The ‘dirty’ will be more ‘effortless’ in dark washed denims. Blue or black? That’s up to you. Pick a pair that’s comfortable, lived in and has good helpful pockets!

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The shirt will rely on the weather condition of your adventure. But extra flannels in that backpack won’t hurt a soul. Make sure you also carry the right jacket. It should have a lot.. a lot and did we mention.. a lot of pockets? Style tip – Your jacket should match your boots.

Which brings us to – boots! What’s an adventure without the perfect pair of boots? Comfortable and rough. The right pair fits you like a sock and doesn’t disappoint you with its wear and tear come rain come shine. It will be ideal to invest in a good pair as this is surely a lifetime investment! And cheap boots may abandon you in the middle of nowhere! Style tip – Use boots with laces. You need your feet to breathe at times and stay tight at times. Laces are useful.

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The perfect attire is incomplete without the right watch and belt.You need a belt that won’t hurt or wear out in extreme weather. Keep it casual with a thick belt. Watch should be standard. One that won’t break easy or stay too tight. Metal watch will be preferred as leather may wear out but it does come down to your personal comfort. Some men opt to carry pocket watches to keep the wrist clear. To each his own.

The perfect bag will be a two shoulder backpack. For shorter trip, however, messenger bags with about 25 pockets (exaggeration, unless you find one that actually has 25 pockets!) should do. Prefer to carry along an all season bag. Carry a pen on you at all times. A ball point pen preferably and a diary. Mobiles give up soon enough and the old fashioned diary needs no electricity to function!