11 Terrific Bachelor Party Outfits

Bachelor party outfits should be a little more formal to honor your bud and his passage into married life, which is why we’d pair a blazer with dark jeans. Try not to over dress and steal his limelight. Hence, find out what the groom is wearing and how well you know him and then dress yourself accordingly. At the end of the day, it’s his night.

Remember to choose “your style” and something that you can pull off with confidence. I’d suggest suits and a dark velvet blazer would be an appropriate outfit.

Sometimes, a nice jacket and a collared shirt will easily do the trick as well. The trousers should be well-fitted. Sports jackets are also a good option. No denims please. Wear a dark pair of trousers and black or navy blue shirt. Check out some looks by theunstitchd.

At the end, just make sure it is something you are totally going to be comfortable in. You don’t want to be feeling uncomfortable on such a special night or having a thought whether are you or are you not in the ‘right shoes’.


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