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Men’s Winter Guide – Different Ways To Style Your Overcoats

A Guide To Mens Overcoat Styles

Overcoats can be worn formally and casually. They make you look taller, leaner and stylish. They accentuate your frame and make you look suave whilst keeping you warm. An overcoat is a statement piece because of its iconic status.

Overcoats are designed with fabrics like wool, cashmere, tweed, herringbone or some combination of blended material. This one of the parameters of the overcoat styles, the other being the design

Overcoats like most coats and jackets can be divided into two major and very distinct groups, namely:

  1. Single Breasted Overcoats and
  2. Double Breasted Overcoats 

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I think single breasted are much more versatile. Double breasted are cool too but give a choice I would go for single breasted overcoat.

Coming to the fabric now. I have already mentioned your option, now lets evaluate and discuss them a little.

  • Wool is traditional. It is also thicker and durable. It will look stylish, keep you cozy and last longer

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  • Tweed is basically wool which is yarned differently, but it has a more coarse look to it. The Harris Tweed is a popular choice
  • Herringbone is a twill fabric with a V – shaped pattern, resembling that of a Herring Fish’s skeleton, hence the name
  • Hope this helps you in making a choice regarding the overcoat style you would like to flaunt.


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