7 Things You Shouldn’t Bring For Your Trip To India – Travel Guide

We have already done a what to bring on my trip to India blog with the guide to the travel essentials for  a trip to India. So I thought why not do a What not to bring blog too.

Listed below are the things you should avoid carrying on your trip to India.

1. Don’t carry too many clothes. You get really cool clothes here and that too at cheaper prices. Another advantage is that they will be more adept to the Indian seasons and style and you will feel comfortable and try something different. Plus you will have more space to carry all your shopping back without exceeding the baggage limit.

2. Do not carry too many valuables or expensive jewelry. They are always at risk of being stolen

3. Avoid carrying too much cash or all your cash when you step out. Use the ATM’s and make sure you have some cash in each of your travel bags and back packs.

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4. Irregular surges in the supply of electricity. They may damage your gadgets.

5. Do not carry too many books. I am a reader myself and cannot sleep without reading something especially if I am at a new place but use your phone or kindle or buy a copy when you get here.

6. Do not carry delicate or expensive footwear. They will get dirty.

7. Do not pack warm clothes unless you are headed north in the winter or to the Himalayas. Indian weather is generally warmer than most countries. We are hot people!

Have a great trip!


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