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5 Quick Bow Tie Hacks Every Man Must Remember | Life Hacks

Life Hacks | 5 Bow-Tie Hacks

Bow tie is an important aspect of fashion and while it is a bit complicated style to achieve, it is worth the effort. Here are some hacks to make this bow ties style statement easier for you!

Bow Tie Hacks:

1) You must store your bow-ties in the perfect condition to ensure that the shape is not ruined. For this, you can store them in your socks drawers or watch boxes if you do not own a separate case for the same.

2) The basic point of a bow ties is to establish symmetry because symmetry is appealing. It attracts attention. You can thus take this a notch up by adding sunglasses for a day look.

3) If it is too hot a day for suit jacket, you can just add a fancy bow tie over your shirt and you are good to go!

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4) Bow ties are highly appreciated in the European countries because of the style quotient coupled with elegant look. So if you are European or planning to visit, make sure you have at least 2 really cool bow-ties!

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5) Finally, bow tie can be well adjusted once the knot is achieved so focus only on achieving the perfect knot as you tie it and once the knot is done with you can easily tug on and adjust the bow for the shape you desire. But do not tug on too hard. Just pinch lightly to adjust.

A final bonus hack is that standard and butterfly styles of bow tie are easy to achieve for a formal and an informal occasion respectively. These two styles are also much easier to manage and maintain for a longer period. You must start by mastering these styles and they will truly cover all the occasions for you.



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