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Must Have Shirts for Men in 2023

As we all know, nowadays being perfectly dressed plays an important part in making you look presentable and classy. Whether you are going for a meeting, a festive occasion or a family function or even a casual outing with your friends, you need to be properly dressed. And the only part of our clothing which can be worn in almost every occasion is a nice shirt but it doesn’t mean you can wear any shirt to any occasion.  In that case, a guy needs to be quite well-groomed and fashionable. For buying these kinds of shirts we can easily go to stores like Shoppers Stop or even to their online stores where you can surf through a wide range of shirts for every occasion available at an affordable price by the use of exclusive Shoppers Stop coupons and discounts.

The following are some of the types of shirts a man should have in his wardrobe:

  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Dress shirt
  • Cuban collar short sleeve shirt
  • Flannel shirt
  • Office shirt
  • Chambray
  • Classic short sleeve shirt
  • Denim shirt
  • Linen shirt

Oxford button-down shirt:

As we can see it shares the name with the cloth from which it is being made, Oxford cloth. It has been a classic example of a must-have for more than a century and still going. The fabric used in it is thicker than others because it gives a smooth essence of class. This shirt goes well with chinos, jeans or corduroys but never with a suit as it disturbs the casualty of it.

Dress shirt:

If you are going to attend a high-class posh party and are going to wear a tuxedo then you should go with a dress shirt on blind trust. It has a nice crisp and stiffness to it. It keeps things low key but still classy and stylish. Perfectly tailored fit pants go well with it along with the icing on the cake if you can wear some cufflinks or bow ties.

Cuban collar short sleeve shirt:

It is a perfect fit for enjoying the breezy summer parties or evenings but it should be worn with a little caution as it may not look so good for thick-necked persons. The Cuban part refers to the open collar feature of it. Also, it must fit well on your hands or else it will make them look skinnier which is not good at all. Mostly nice khaki shorts or three quarters or half pants look good with these.

Flannel shirt:

This one is very famous among the guys working in the woods because it keeps the cold breeze at bay and also helpful when the weather starts becoming cooler. It protects you from the cold and still keeps your look hot and classy. You can also wear it unbuttoned over a light-colored T-shirt. It can be worn with dark-colored denim and maybe some sturdy boots.

Office shirt:

In previous times, what men used to wear at the office and what they wear now, has changed a lot but it still doesn’t allow you to go full casual. So for that kind of situation Office shirts are the best option, it goes well with a tie. A little deep-colored tailored fit chinos work fine with these.


People sometimes confuse it with denim shirts but trust me it’s completely different just looks a bit similar.  This kind of shirt has a versatility to it making it suitable to wear it almost anything and still look good. Some might think denim is a bit too much so this is the best option for them. You can perfectly line it up with some chinos or even light suits.

Classic short sleeve shirt:

Not long ago, this kind of classic short sleeve shirt was described as disastrous in the case of menswear. But now it has also been granted the place of a stylish piece of clothing for guys. In summer, you can wear it very casually, don’t try tucking it in and make sure it ends half bicep level. You can set it up with shorts or light denim or linen trousers.

Denim shirt:

As many of us have a soft corner for denim shirts but still you can’t just wear it anywhere anyway. This traditional workwear gives you a bit of casual look to your outfit.  It also adds some masculinity to your look. You can easily couple it up with some faded denim jeans bottoms.

Linen shirt:

This is seen as the substitute for oxford shirts when the temperature starts rising. It gives a proper summer feel to your look and being made of such light materials, it keeps you cool and lets you feel the breeze. You can wear both jeans and chinos or even roll up the sleeves wearing shorts as bottoms.

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