4 Sure Shot Signs To Know That It Is Time For A Makeover.

“Change is the only thing that remains constant.” Everyone needs a makeover & so do you.

Everyone needs a makeover some or the other time. Reinventing your self is known to boost confidence and add some excitement back in to your life. Plus we all know the saying,

“Change is the only thing that remains constant.”

Now, with age and experience our style undergoes many changes and makeover, some that we do intentionally, like a new hair cut or new hair color, or keeping a beard or shaving off the moustache, while others are unintentional or totally subconscious on our part.

But how does one decide when it is time to be out with the old and in with the new? For this complex question, I offer you a checklist with 4 simple signs. As you see the signs being checked off, know that it is time for a makeover.

 4 Sure Shot Signs To Know That It Is Time For A Makeover

1. We start with the biggie. Your clothes are tattered or have holes in them or to put it in your words, “distressed look becomes you”. Your clothes falling apart is not the look that “becomes you”, so please stop being in denial about it and know that it is time you bought some new clothes.

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2. The second sign is more subtle. You may miss it for the first few times and blame it on Monday blues or an uneventful or boring day ahead or a feeling of melancholy you cannot seem to shake, try as you might. In reality, it can be something as simple as the fact that your wardrobe does not excite you anymore. What we wear has a direct impact on our mood and confidence. There is a reason for there being a color of love, or certain colors reserved for spring or wearing certain colors instantly brightening up your day. And don’t think that only this is true only for women. Few guys will admit to it but it is true for all men too. When opening your cupboard in the morning does not excite you, know that it is time to add some fresh pieces and vibrant colors and patterns in your closet.

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3. The people who are close to you, your friends, your family and/or your partner have told you time and again to get some new clothes. Learn to take constructive criticism well and try something different for a change.

4. This is a very in your face sign, really hard to ignore. You know for absolutely sure that you need a makeover when your current wardrobe does not fit you. Either you have lost weight or gained a few pounds, but your clothes no longer fit or they look like something you borrowed or stole from somebody else. You do not need to throw everything out; a good tailor can help salvage your favorite pieces.

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