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The Do’s & The Don’ts – Denim Edition

Loyal readers already know of my love for denims. For the people who are new here, Hi! I am a big fan of Denims. I literally consider the invention of denim as a fabric to be as big as Newton’s discovery of gravity. I have few things in my closet that offer such comfort, versatility and style. Whether they are a pair of jeans or a denim shirt or even a bag for that matter, it stands out, looking fabulous. Denims are genetically gifted with this innate quality to look cool. They personify a relaxed, laid back and impish aura about them. So bottom line, I love jeans and in my opinion they are a must have in every person’s wardrobe irrespective of gender, country or continent.

Due to my special love affair with denims, I am now what you can call an agony aunt on this matter. I am not bragging guys. Just hear me out. I have listed a few denim do’s and don’ts for the budding denim enthusiasts as well as for those who use denims casually or as a staple.

  • Do Not go for denims with excessive prints and patterns.
  • Do try denims in various shades. Experiment a little. Try something other than the classic black or blue denim. And also do not start a collection of all same shade denims in your wardrobe. Try different colors and different washes and looks. Do not let the versatility of denims be wasted.

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  • Do Not get involved with loud colors. Trying different hues does not entail forgetting the basic rules of color coordination.
  • Do opt for a well fitted pair of denims. This is not something you can afford to compromise on. And just so this is clear once and for all, I am putting it out there to avoid any faux pas in the future. Well fitted does not equal to super skinny. L.H.S. not equal to R.H.S.

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  • Do Not, under any circumstances, wear slouchy jeans that are so low that gravity is rendered useless. You may have a million dollar butt but you need to stop flashing it like it is a badge.
  • Do experiment with the seams, stitching, pockets and embroidery of your pair of denims. This is a great way for you to customize your style and make it your own.
  • Do Not pick over the top belt buckles for your belt. They will make you look gaudy and will damage your entire look.
  • Do team up your denims with a classy leather belt. Make sure your belt matches your shoe and the strap of your watch in color and/or texture.
  • Do Not fall in the lure of bling. Remember all that glitters hurts the eye.
  • Do try rolling up your denims. Rolled up cuffs look really cool and casual. But not like a joint. And never with something semi formal or ethnic.

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So friends follow these simple tips and your denims will take care of the rest.

Do try out these looks and reinvent casual!

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