3 Maroon Outfits For Men To Stand Out In Style

Maroon is a deep, dark, intriguing and sexy shade that needs more appreciation. Here is a great maroon fashion line

1) Maroon Suit

Sure not the first preference when it comes to suit but is the big new trend in fashion world. All celebrities over the world are jumping on the bandwagon and opting for more colorful suits than ever. Maroon is clearly the easiest choice. it sure looks too loud but the suit is reserved for parties and fun gatherings. It is a great style statement that will grab in a lot of attention. Maroon should be paired with a navy blue or black that will help stabilize the shade. Make sure the fabric is also not glossy and just a matte maroon. You can go for all black accessory combo.

maroon suit

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2) Maroon T Shirt

Maroon is a very bright shade that will instantly make your face pop. it a very uncommon t-shirt shade and yet very beautiful shade. This shade will go with dark shades of pants like black and blue but at the same time it will also compliment your beige and grey bottoms. This shade is very mysterious and attractive so if you are particularly in the mood to attract a special someone, try the maroon t-shirt. Maroon t-shirt with metallic patterns is the cool new fad and it is also the shade of the season!

maroon t shirt

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maroon t shirt, beanie

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3) Maroon Shirt

Maroon shirt is something that you will commonly find around so this may or may not be a must buy for you but it is a great addition that will go well with your beige as well as black and even Persian blue. this is a very neat and put together shade that accessorizes well with black as well as brown because it is an “in-between” shade so if you combine it with beige then go for brown combo and if you opt for black then go for black combo.