How To Make Clothes Expensive: Dressing Right Makes All The Difference

How To Make Clothes look Expensive

Fashion is shaping up  and dressing right to accommodate the style preferences of the everyday man. Functional and versatile, menswear this season is hitting all the right notes and the men have a chance to sport their masculinity proudly on their sleeves. You need not necessarily own branded clothes to look like a million dollars. Even, the simplest menswear looks can be done justice to, if you’ve bought the right stuff. An easy-going, plaid over-shirt paired with a plain shirt and washed out jeans can be knockout, if you’ve chosen the right accessories to go with it. A snarky watch, powerful boots, and a swagger that befits a confident man, you’ll surely win everyone over with this street-style tip! Read further to read about how you can reinvent your style, and dish out priceless looks every day.

1. Living up to the loose shirt

Street style inspirations lie in being laidback and casual about fashion. The trend is fueled by the fact that some men love being lazy! The real trick is how to not look incongruous by pulling together an effective ensemble. It turns out, you’ve got to very little. Keep the front charmingly unbuttoned, the cuffs casually loose or rolled up and throw in your beloved pair of jeans for a match made in heaven. Incidentally, you can totally work this look when you’re travelling! Be sure to add-on a well-designed travel bag and you’ve got yourself something special.

2. Trousers will do the trick

Trippy trousers are too good to miss. If you want a pair of lowers that’ll treat you right, you’ve come to the right place. The high-waist trousers is a little roomy and flared to give your legs some breathing space! These are the perfect summer trousers and are bound to be a smashing hit if paired with a jovial summer tee. A sleek leather jacket to top this combination wouldn’t be a bad pick!

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3. Standing tall in overalls

Overalls mean business and the men who wear it aren’t ones to mess around with either! Put your cool shades on, wrap around a dashing scarf, dress yourself in great overalls and be sure to top your appearance with amazing oxfords!

4. Never short of shorts!

Keeping your cool is important, and a great pair of shorts will surely make bring out the dude in you! Invest in a trendy, casual shirt and step into your favored comfortable slip-ons. An open front jacket would be a perfect finish to a casual-day look.

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5. The Formal Fix

Look sharp in your dressy formals, because affairs at the workplace need to be a man who is on top of his game! The mantra is to make sure that your crisp shirts and dressy ties make for a smashing collaboration. Classic tones of blue and beige will pump up the corporate vibes and for a quirky day at the work place you could throw in your spotless white sneakers.

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