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How to Layer Your Cardigan in 9 Different Ways

9 Smart & Stylish Ways To Layer Your Cardigan

A Cardigan is an open fronted knitted jacket with buttons on the front which means it can be worn both open and closed and doesn’t need to be pulled over your hair so you never have to worry about messing up your hair when donning a cardigan.

Here are some of the neat ways of wearing the cardigan.

1. For when its winter but the cold weather has not yet shown up you can wear a vest or a tank top or even a wife beater under your cardigan. Pair it with denims, chinos or khakis.

2. The second look is a v neck t-shirt under your cardigan. This is a really casual look. You can wear it to college or for coffee.

3. The third is teaming up a round neck tee with a cardigan. An important thing to remember while pairing a t-shirt with the cardigan whether it is a v neck t-shirt or a round neck t-shirt is to co-ordinate it well. If there are any prints on your cardigan and/or your tee then they should go well. When in doubt keep one out of the two plain so that you don’t overdo it.

4. The next style is to wear a Henley under your cardigan. For a more refined look I would suggest opt for a classic 3 button Henley in a darker shade.

5. The fifth style is for a more formal setting. So it would do well to opt for trousers. Pair a button down shirt with your cardigan. A button down oxford is a safe bet. A shirt in neutral colours like white, black or blue will require little to no effort in co-ordinating with your cardigan, but you should try experiment with other colours too. Make sure that you don’t pick a shirt in hues that clash with your cardigan.

6. Add a tie to the above look and take it up a notch. Both these looks can be worn to work. In case of casual Fridays, pair it with a pair of denims and maybe leave the button down untucked.

7. For the seventh look, let’s try layering the cardigan a bit more. A cardigan over a T-shirt or a button down with another layer over it, like a leather jacket or a sport coat. You can either button up the cardigan or leave it open. Both styles look great.

8. The eight look exudes sophistication and panache. This is a super formal look, meant for special occasions and high end events. Wear this and I guarantee you that you will make an unforgettable impression and win a lot of compliments and more importantly stolen glances. Enough of the build-up. Let’s dive right in. Team up a cardigan with a formal dress shirt and a suit. Use the cardigan as a substitute to a waist coat. Make sure the suit fits you well. Go for darker colours and pick a solid cardigan. Complete the look with your dress shoes and a neck tie.

9. Tie your cardigan at the waist or as an accent like Shahrukh in ‘Mohabbatein’. Now these two styles are completely visual. These are good for when you don’t feel the need to wear a cardigan as it’s still warm. You can flaunt this style till you feel cold enough to wear it.

The important thing to remember is that your cardigan should not be too tight as you wear something under it. It should be comfortably loose but not bulky. The more simple the cardigan the more versatile it is. For a formal look pick a cardigan with buttons instead of zippers.

When you are layering your cardigan pick lighter fabrics so that you don’t feel suffocated or uncomfortable. Pick cable knit cardigans for severe cold. they are more heavy.

Remember formal look equals formal shoes otherwise you can go for fashion sneakers or boots.

Hope these style tips help you expand your options when it comes to sporting a cardigan!



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