How To Dress In Your 20’S

Check out the tricks and tips on how could dress up in your 20’s

How to Dress In Your 20’s? Your Twenties will be the most confusing yet exciting stage of your life.This is also a very important time in your life. You’ll be leaving your university, applying for jobs, making a career, building your self and shaping your personality. In short, you’ll soon turn into a grown up man and will have to bid a goodbye to your teenage zone. You won’t be the same anymore and now you’ll be a person with more responsibilities.

Your twenties is also the time where you will be forming the foundation of your wardrobe for the coming years. And this is why it is important to know how to dress up in your 20’s. The way you dress and the way your present yourself now is the way people will perceive you in the future.

Your twenties will be the time to learn about yourself. To know, to understand what works and what does not work for you(in terms of career and fashion).This is the time for self expression. You’re allowed to experiment, make mistakes and learn.Dressing up in 20’s can be more of a trial and error period. You can experiment with different trends, colors and patterns.Once you know what looks good on you, dressing up won’t be that hard.

Here Are Few Tips On How You Must Dress Up In Your 20’s…

  • Build Your Wardrobe

It’s time to get rid off your teenage clothes.You are a grown up now and so you’ll have to look like one. Also fashion and trends will change so it’s better to invest in items that are essential for your 20’s and for your future.You will have to build your wardrobe again. Here are key wardrobe additions in your 20’s..

  1. Dark Jeans
  2. White Shirt
  3. Bomber Jacket
  4. Chinos/Trousers
  5. Denim Shirts
  6. Light Shade T-Shirts
  7. Smart Coat

These few items are a must have.They are classic and they look good every time. You just can’t go wrong with these and so you must own these essentials in your twenties!

Denim Shirts To have in your 20's

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  • Own a Quality Suit

This is the right time to invest in a good quality suit! Spend some good bucks and buy a suit that you’ll wearing to most of the events be it a wedding, meeting, interview, etc! Remember, the one very important thing is the fitting of the suit.If you have to put in some extra money then do it.But get yourself a suit that is perfectly tailored and fits you well. A  gray or navy suit will be perfect for every event and occasion so opt for something in this color.

  • Invest In Smart Shoes

Since you’ll be spending more time in office these days, it is important to have a proper pair of shoes. Your regular shoes or sandals won’t go with the formal suit and also no company would allow you to wear something so casual. And in no case you want to ruin your gentlemen look right? So it’s better you invest in something smart shoes like the oxford shoes. Also in some cases the derbies and brogues will work too. So be a man now, get rid off your sandals and buy yourself some smart shoes. Because this is only the right way to dress up in your 20’s.

Oxford-Shoes-for -Men

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For casual outings, you could opt for a cool white trainer shoes.They will complement everything that you wear. But make sure they are washed and clean frequently.You’re not a teenager anymore who could wear dirty shoes and roam around.Now you’ve entered your 20’s so you have to be more careful of your appearance.Also don’t forget shoes are one of the first things people notice about you. So if you want to leave a good first impression make sure your shoes look nice and clean.

  • Accessorize Your Look

Start adding accessories to you look. Dressing up in 20’s means wearing an all occasion watch,bracelets and a few rings.Don’t over accessorize but accessorize! A nice steel watch with a minimalist design, rings or bracelets will add some uniqueness to your look. Accessories help you express more about your personal style. And it also speaks a lot about you, so adding one or two accessories to your look is always a good idea.

  • Stay in Touch With a Good Tailor and Hairstylist

These are the people who will make sure you look your best, so it’s always good to be in contact with them. With time, they’ll know and understand what works best for you and what doesn’t. And this will in return help you look amazing in your 20’s,30’s and the coming years. Your tailor will give you the perfect fit and your hairstylist will always make sure you hair looks amazing. Also don’t forget to trim,shave and shape your beard timely. Grooming is an important part of your life now so you have to be well groomed all the time!

Some Tips that will help make dressing up in 20’s a lot more easier..

  • Wear clean, washed and ironed clothes

  • Aim for perfectly fitting clothes

  • Avoid wearing torn or ripped

  • Evolve with fashion and trends

  • Have fun with colors, prints and pattern

  • Experiment but reduce your trial and error rate

  • Don’t buy expensive branded clothes

  • Dress according to your salary

  • Don’t over accessorize

  • Know your style

  • Know your color

  • Dress according to occasion

So these were a few things to keep in mind and we hope they help. Dressing up well in your 20’s is so important. Whatever works for you now is going to work for more and many years.The way your dress in your 20’s will talk about your style and personality for now and forever. So this is your only time when you’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them too. Experiment and try until you’re very sure about your look.Remember you have to dress up in a way that makes your feel confident, powerful and strong!

Let us know what you think about these tips? Have they helped and made things simpler? If you have any questions or would like to know more please tell us..