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How To Dress For Your First Interview

A first interview is one of the most important moments of a human life that prompts to start the life and earn money. It’s about career, future and destiny! The best first interview is always remembered while the worst first interview is never forgotten and remembered even better. Interviews carry fear with them. By this we mean that a particular person going for an interview overlooks many little things with the fear of interview – guessing what will happen in those 4 corners with 1 person asking you questions. Which questions what question what if buts yes and not….

While the person is in fear it’s quite obvious the dress for the interview is overlooked! You don’t want that to happen, do you? You want to sit comfortably answering every question like a boss. And there’s no doubt you want to leave a good impression. For that, dressing well is a major point to get it right.

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1. Know your job

Knowing what kind of a job you’re going to get interviewed for, helps you to dress in order. This doesn’t mean you’re going to go all fancy for a fashion stylist’s or a photographer’s interview. The world has come this far and people work on bean bags in their office, but make sure you’re light on your dressing no matter what job you’re going to get interviewed for.

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2. Light colored shirts

Let your shirts be light like your mood. Be light, wear light! Light colors we mean. Anywhere from white, pastels and nude colors. White goes the best.

3. Darker pants

Where shirts are lighter in tone, pants must be darker. Wear black, browns and darkest blue.

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4. Shoes and belt

Most important thing, Always match your shoes and belts’ color.

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We hope this might help you out for your first interview. You can also Whatsapp it to your friend who is about to go for an interview. All the best!

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