What You Can (and Can’t) Wear to College!

dressing for college made simple

College days are the most memorable days of your life. Let’s play a small game. Ask anyone elder or double your age to share pictures of their college days and we bet everyone person in five will say this “Gosh! Look how I use to dress!”

So now you know you want to dress nice for your college, let’s take this in a fun and positive manner!

When we talk about college fashion, comfort always comes first like it does everywhere else too. So you don’t want to wear blazers and suit up every day. No, of course not!

Comfort Comes First

You don’t want to keep adjusting in your clothes in between your lectures (if you attend them) or while hanging out with new fellas in the campus. For that, you need to wear clothes in which your body can breathe freely. Where there’s cotton, there’s comfort!


Don’t you want to grow up and sing ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar’ song? Jeans are to be worn the most in your college days. They’re young and comfortable too. You can go old school and wear bell bottoms on one of the days or wear a classic jeans.


Slip ons for the lazy days to get you easy and shoes for the days when you organize those never ending college fests and rehearsals. Add colorful lasses to your converse and try various styles of knots. You’re young and you don’t want to miss on colors. Wear colorful shoes and go mad.

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You must read our blogs on bags for a detailed style fashion. You can wear a side bag and walk in style with your guitar in one hand.


For all the last minute assignments, folders can sort you and your projects too.

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