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Denim Fits For Men

Cuts, designs, length, fit –  there are tons of things to keep in mind when buying a pair of denims for yourself. And you thought reaching out to the first pair on the shelf of the store will make the cut.  Right?  WRONG.  Bad denims can potentially destroy your entire look. But fret not, the unstitchd tells you the important facts that every guy should keep in mind while buying denims. Taking the time to understand the fit and fabric is imperative. GET THE BEST FIT

Denims are designed to mold to the wearers body. Denims should be comfortable without compromising on style and but remain somewhat streamline enhanced by knowing you true-fit or waist size.  Here are the main fits to look out for :


Skinny jeans are those that fit very snug – from the hip to the thigh,  to the base of the ankle. Best for guys with more slender, up-and-down frames. Skinnies should be worn skinny, so go for the size you can just do-up. If you go for the ‘true-fit’ straight away, you’ll lose the skinny look in a matter of days.


This is a staple jean for your wardrobe and offers a crisp, sharp and clean look for any occasion. Straight/slim rides well with most body types but sits particularly well with guys sporting the average 32-34 waist – those not super skinny, but remain fit and athletic. Straight jeans should slightly hug the thighs, knees, and calves (less than skinny jeans) while loosening up around your ankles.


This fit is suited to guys with more bulk up top and equally fuller legs (think rugby lads). Very much anti-skinny, the relaxed/loose fit falls practically straight down from the waist, hanging naturally and in line with the wearer’s leg shape. A more more casual look than other fits, darker colours dress-up relaxed fit jeans.

Denims are a statement of self-expression, provide comfort and give out a casual cool vibe to any day time outfit. With a darker colour and tapered fit, they can dress up for night too. So do your denim research and get the best one that suits your personality and moreover enhances it.  Good luck!



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