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Up Your College Style Game With Converse

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Dirt converse, young mind and sexy looks! A young college chap is just like this. They say – let the shoes be dirty and let yourself be younger. There’s no doubt in this how a young boys best friend turns out to be his bike and his converse. Nothing to do with the world, he wear his converse and rides his bike, plays football and hockey, hops on every song beat. A boy’s relationship with his converses is something that cannot be overlooked at. Every boy, young or old, has a pair of converse in his shoe rack. That’s another thing that converses are meant to be lost in the corners of your house and to be hunted. That’s they way a converse shoe teases you. Let’s take it that way!

White converse!

This classic convrse look never goes wrong. Wear anything with a white converse, any colored t-shirt or any colored shorts or jeans; you’re going to look amazing because of the white converse!  Want to counteract the old look you got by wearing shirts and pants and a cheesy hair style? Converse is your answer. It makes any look younger and makes you look just your age!

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Play with your converse

Adding few colorful laces to your converses make them look funky! And who doesn’t want to look funky everybody! You’re at that time of the age where you love funk and eat junk. So weave in a blue and a yellow lace together and rock the world. Go for good color combinations. You can add black and red or grey and orange, white and yellow, green and black and anything you want. No matter how weird it comes out looking, you are going to love it and so will the people who look at you.

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