The Ultimate Collars Fashion Vocabulary

Ultimate Collar Guide – 6 Types Of Collars You Need To Know About

This is your foundation course. Let us call it lesson 1.0. There are many collars and designs to choose from and it is better to know what these different styles are in order to successfully experiment with them.

There are 6 major styles of collars.

But before that you should know the anatomy of a collar.

  • Collar Band: This is the section of collar that encircles the neck.
  • Collar Points: These are the tips or the ends of the collar.
  • Spread: Spread is the term used to for the distance between the collar points.
  • Point Length: The distance from the tip of your collars point to the band.

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The Ultimate Collar Fashion Vocabulary:

1. The Classic Collar:

This is the most common collar type. Most shirts and t-shirts are designed with a classic collar. This traditional collar goes well with both formal shirts and casual T-shirts. It is suitable for all face types but works particularly well for larger faces.

2. The Wing Tip Collar:

The collar points of a Wing tip collar sit flat resembling wings rather than facing down. This is a formal style collar and is explicitly designed for a tuxedo shirt. Wing collars are meant for black tie events, weddings, and other formal occasions and are typically worn with a bow tie.

3. The Spread Collar:

The Spread Collar as the name suggests is a shirt collar with a wide spread between the points. The points are angled outwards instead of pointing down. This collar can be worn without a tie. Bulky tie knots look good too. The Spread Collar suits men with a slim or a long face.

4. The Button Down Collar:

This type of collar can be fastened to the shirt with a button. It keeps the collar in place. The button down collar can be worn with or without a tie and is a great choice as it can be easily dressed up or down. The button down collar works well with a formal dress shirt paired with a blazer, a suit or a dinner jacket and even on a basic shirt paired with an undershirt.

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5. The Club Collar:

The club collars does not have sharp tips. The points are rather rounded.

6. The Mandarin Collar:

A mandarin collar is a short stand-up collar starting at the neckline and rising vertically, somewhere between two to five centimeters. The ends of the collar do not meet.


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