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Men’s Dress Shirt Guide – 5 Rules Men Must Follow While Styling Dress Shirts

The Dress Shirt Aesthetics!

The dress shirt has to be the perfect blend of discipline and maturity along with friendliness. It must bring out your best features and be super comfortable in order to help you get you work done. If you are a professional, expert or a businessman, your look does impact the perception of people around you and here is how you can get the intimidating look by keeping in mind basic dress shirt rules!

Men’s Dress Shirt Guide

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1) The dress shirt should be pristine. It must be very clean and stain free. You may ignore some stains or feel it isn’t visible, but it is.

Men’s Dress Shirt Guide!

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2) The collar of your dress shirt has to be perfectly clean. Not faded, not dull and not dirty! It has to be starched stiff and maintained right. Use collar buttons if you need additional stiffness and even collar stays.

3) The length of your dress shirt is just long. It should end somewhere above your mid-thigh because you will this baby in. Yes it will never stay tucked out. Also, the excess length will ensure it stays in right.

Men’s Dress Shirt Guide.

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4) The right way to tuck in your dress is by first folding back the sides thus keeping the front absolutely wrinkle-free. Make sure it is a neat back fold and not a rough tuck in. Next, you pull down the shirt at the back and then button up your pants. Do not ever wear your pants first and then thrust your shirt in.

5) The sleeve of your shirt has to be of the perfect length. Keep your hands down; now check the length of the sleeve in the mirror. In this position your sleeve should exactly end at your wrist in a way that it completely covers your wrist. That is the ideal sleeve length for you. A good trick is to buy a longer sleeve and then tailor t to your size if you cannot find the perfect length.


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